Associação de Estatísticos de Corridas de Rua / Objetivos

Estabelecer critérios válidos para a lista de recordes
e manter una lista válida de recordes mundiais de corridas de rua sujeitas a determinados parâmetros.

Promover a comunicação e o intercambio de informação relacionada com corridas de rua.

Membros Fundadores

Working Groups

ARRS Co-ordinator

Andy Milroy serves to help co-ordinate the activities of the various working groups, facillitate internal communication, and interface with organizations outside the ARRS.

ARRS Members

Anyone interested in supporting and promoting the goals of the ARRS is welcome to become a member. The only requirement for membership is that you contribute to the ARRS in some manner. This may be by submitting race results, contributing to the various lists maintained by the ARRS, promoting the goals of the ARRS through articles and publications, or helping with some of the many day-to-day tasks in making the ARRS a viable organization. Contact the ARRS co-ordinator, Andy Milroy if you wish to join the ARRS.

ARRS members are invited to join working groups as befits their interests. Contacts for the ARRS working groups are listed above. These are working groups with emphasis on the working part. Members of working groups are expected to contribute to the efforts of the group.

Races as well as individuals may become members of the ARRS. Click here for details of what is expected from "race members" and the list of "race members."

Note that members who act to disrupt or hinder working groups, projects or goals of the ARRS may be dropped from membership which means they will be removed from the internal mail circulation list and will no longer receive the ARRS newsletter.