Rejected Performances

There are many reasons why a particular performance may not be in the records/rankings lists. Sometimes, the mark is simply not known. However, in many cases, the mark has been rejected for one of several reasons.

For road races, the course may have been short, excessively downhill, or excessively wind-aided. In these cases, all marks from such a race are rejected. Many of these rejected races are detailed on their respective race history pages. The race history page will report the shortage if known and usually details excessive downhill courses (more than 5 m/km net drop). Excessively wind-aided conditions may occur in some years and not in other years, depending on the direction of the wind in relation to the course configuration. In such cases, a race time bias calculation that yields a value faster than -5.0 s/km is considered excessively aided. These occurrences are noted on the race history page.

Lisbon (POR) Half Marathon is a good example. The 1993 course was remeasured and found to be 97 meters short. By inference, the 1991 and 1992 courses are also assumed to have been short. For 1994 and later, the course appears to have been accurately measured and receives routine scrutiny from several sources due to the very fast times recorded on this course. It is also noted that this course drops 3.27 m/km from start to finish (although the distance between the start and finish is less than 30%). This is less than the 5 m/km drop that would cause all marks from this course to be rejected but it is more than the 1 m/km which is the maximum allowable drop for a record quality course. Hence, the Lisbon Half Marathon is classified as a point-to-point course which means that it has the potential for being excessively aided. The race time biases for each year are listed. The years 1996, 1998, 2000, 2001, and 2004 have been found through this analysis to have been excessively aided (indicated by a light color for the times in the winners list) and have therefore been excluded from the records/rankings lists.

Occasionally, an individual runner (or group of runners within a race) are dq'd. The disqualification may be initiated by the race organization, the relevant national governing body, the IAAF, or by the ARRS. Basically, there are two reasons for disqualification. A runner may be dq'd for using a proscribed substance (steroids, stimulants, etc) or a runner may be dq'd for an infraction of the rules of competition. This latter disqualification includes deliberate physical interference with another runner and the use of "pace" vehicles in a road race to provide drafting.
Click here to view the ARRS criteria for record-keeping.

Some performances are excluded because the runner in question is a known cheater (usually multiple instances). In most cases, ALL performances by known cheats are rejected. Cheating may consist of course cutting or allowing another runner to run with the cheaters race number or timing chip. Click here for the list of known cheaters.

The following is an attempt to list significant individual marks that have been rejected. Only marks otherwise meeting the ARRS qualifying standards are included. There are many other dq's in the ARRS database. Disqualified performances that would have been credited with a win have been noted on the relevant web pages for those races (when such web pages have been posted).  In some cases, one drug disqualification may cover numerous performances and only the athlete and period of disqualification are listed.

Drug Disqualifications

12 Jan 2014    10 km  RD     34:22     Cuiaba BRA            Sarah Ramadhani Makera (TAN)            failed in competition test
01 Dec 2013    Mara   RD   2:48:31     Mazatlan MEX          Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
13 Oct 2013    Hf Mar RD   1:04:20     Cape Town RSA         Lindikaya Mthangayi (RSA)               methandienone
29 Sep 2013    Mara   RD   2:17:18     Berlin GER            Miguel-Angel Gamonal Martin (ESP)       doping violation
22 Sep 2013    Mara   RD   2:17:03     Cape Town RSA         Lindikaya Mthangayi (RSA)               methandienone
22 Sep 2013    Mara   RD   2:31:50     Omsk RUS              Yevgenia Danilova (RUS)                 doping violation
18 Aug 2013    Hf Mar RD   1:16:38a    San Diego CA/USA      Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
28 Jul 2013    5000m  OT     15:40.61  Stara Zagora BUL      Roxana-Elisabeta Birca (ROM)            doping violation
11 Jul 2013    5000m  OT     15:39.76  Kazan RUS             Roxana-Elisabeta Birca (ROM)            doping violation
19 May 2013    Mara   RD   2:36:02.9   Cleveland OH/USA      Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
05 May 2013    Mara   RD   2:37:35     Pittsburgh PA/USA     Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
27 Apr 2013    Hf Mar RD   1:16:55     Des Moines IA/USA     Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
30 Mar 2013    56 km  RD   3:38:38     Cape Town RSA         Nataliya Volguina (RUS)                 tested positive for anabolic steroid Metenolone 
24 Mar 2013    Hf Mar RD   1:05:28     Lisbon POR            Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
03 Mar 2013    Hf Mar RD   1:08:58     Paris FRA             Pauline Njeri Kahenya (KEN)             failed in competition test
02 Mar 2013    Mara   RD   2:41:15     The Woodlands TX/USA  Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
17 Feb 2013    Mara   RD   2:41:24     Jacksonvle Bch FL/USA Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
20 Jan 2013    Mara   RD   2:49:14a    Port of Spain TRI     Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
06 Jan 2013    Mara   RD   2:44:40     Merida MEX            Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
16 Dec 2012    Mara   RD   2:41:42     Mexicali MEX          Mary Akor (USA)                         failed in competition test (clenbuterol)
09 Dec 2012    Mara   RD   2:34:01     Honolulu HI/USA       Kaori Yoshida (JPN)                     EPO
25 Nov 2012    Mara   RD   2:11:44     La Rochelle FRA       Nahashon Kimaiyo (KEN)                  doping violation
18 Nov 2012    Mara   RD   2:18:48     Turin ITA             Andrew Kimutai Ben (KEN)                failed in competition test
28 Oct 2012    Mara   RD   2:26:41     Nairobi KEN           Salome Biwott Cherono (KEN)             doping violation
28 Oct 2012    Mara   RD   2:12:14     Porto POR             Anthony Wairui Kahuthu (KEN)            doping violation
30 Sep 2012    Hf Mar RD   1:05:30     Lisbon POR            Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
25 Sep 2012    5000m  OT     16:25.02  Kunshan CHN           Jia-li Wang (CHN)                       doping violation
24 Sep 2012    5000m  OT     16:13.62  Kunshan CHN           Jia-li Wang (CHN)                       doping violation
23 Sep 2012    Mara   RD   2:48:06     Odense DEN            Wioletta Kryza (POL)                    doping violation
22 Sep 2012    10000m OT     33:39.85  Kunshan CHN           Jia-li Wang (CHN)                       doping violation
05 Aug 2012    Mara   RD   2:35:46     London ENG            Jia-li Wang (CHN)                       doping violation
04 Jul 2012    5000 m OT     15:26.19  Cheboksary RUS        Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping violation
11 Jun 2012    10000m OT     31:55.97  Moscow RUS            Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping violation
28 May 2012    10 km  RD     34:24.5   Boulder CO/USA        Genoveva Kigen Chelegat (KEN)           failed drug test
26 May 2012    10 km  RD     28:25.8   Ottawa ON/CAN         Mohamed El Hachimi (MAR)                doping violation
13 May 2012    Mara   RD   2:17:24     Dongying CHN          Eliud Chepti Kapchanga (KEN)            competed while under drug suspension
13 May 2012    Mara   RD   2:17:04     Prague CZE            Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
29 Apr 2012    Mara   RD   2:23:47     Hamburg GER           Rael Kiyara Nguriatukei (KEN)           failed drug test
22 Apr 2012    Mara   RD   2:11:31     Linz AUT              Ronald Kipcumba Rutto (KEN)             failed drug test
31 Mar 2012    Hf Mar RD   1:05:53     Madrid ESP            Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
18 Mar 2012    Mara   RD   2:05:37     Seoul KOR             Wilson Loyanai Erupe (KEN)              doping
04 Mar 2012    Hf Mar RD   1:05:19     Santander ESP         Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
05 Feb 2012    Mara   RD   2:11:27     Hong Kong HKG         Eliud Chepti Kapchanga (KEN)            competed while under drug suspension
05 Feb 2012    Mara   RD   2:11:28     Hong Kong HKG         Cosmas Kyeva Mutuku (KEN)               failed drug test
22 Jan 2012    Mara   RD   2:16:58     Culiacan MEX          Jaynocel Basweti Onyamelia (KEN)        doping violation
22 Jan 2012    Hf Mar RD   1:04:43     Carlsbad CA/USA       Eskyas Sisay (ETH)                      EPO
31 Dec 2011    10 km  RD     29:25.1   Bolzano ITA           Fernando Silva (POR)                    doping violation
06 Nov 2011    Mara   RD   2:11:04     New York NY/USA       Eskyas Sisay (ETH)                      EPO
27 Oct 2011    Mara   RD   2:46:06     Changhua TPE          Yu-fang Hsu                             failed drug test
25 Sep 2011    Mara   RD   2:17:01     Cape Town RSA         Anthony Godonqwana                      prednisone/prednisolone
17 Apr 2011    Mara   RD   2:26:31     London ENG            Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
27 Feb 2011    Mara   RD   2:27:29     Tokyo JPN             Tatyana Aryasova (RUS)                  banned substance
07 Nov 2010    Mara   RD   2:29:17a    New York NY/USA       Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
05 Sep 2010    5 km   RD     16:05     London ENG            Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
31 Jul 2010    Mara   RD   2:31:14     Barcelona ESP         Zivile Balciunaite (LTU)                banned for steroid use
31 Jul 2010    Mara   RD   2:32:15     Barcelona ESP         Natalya Yulamanova (RUS)                failed drug test
28 Jul 2010    10000m OT     31:22.83  Barcelona ESP         Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
25 Apr 2010    Mara   RD   2:22:19     London ENG            Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
15 Nov 2009    Mara   RD   2:27:18     Yokohama JPN          Inga Abitova (RUS)                      doping
27 Sep 2009    Hf Mar RD   1:10:37     Remich LUX            Shitaye Gemechu Debelu (ETH)            EPO
01 Mar 2009    Mara   RD   2:29:35     Torreon MEX           Margarita Tapia Garcia (MEX)            betamethasone
21 Jun 2008    3000m  OT      9:04.39  Annecy FRA            Julie Coulard (FRA)                     testosterone
13 Jun 2008    5000m  OT     16:13.81  Sofia BUL             Daniela Yordanova (BUL)                 failed drug test
13 Apr 2008    Hf Mar RD   1:12:21     Vienna AUT            Susanne Pumper (AUT)                    EPO
30 Mar 2008    Hf Mar RD   1:13:23     Vienna AUT            Susanne Pumper (AUT)                    EPO
09 Mar 2008    Hf Mar RD   1:14:12     Vienna AUT            Susanne Pumper (AUT)                    EPO
09 Dec 2007    Mara   RD   2:17:26     Honolulu HI/USA       Ambesse Tolossa (ETH)                   failed drug test
21 Oct 2007    Mara   RD   2:17:53.5   Amsterdam NED         Youssef Galmin (MAR)                    refusal to submit sample for testing
14 Oct 2007    Hf Mar RD   1:05:44     Dordrecht NED         Youssef Galmin (MAR)                    refusal to submit sample for testing
01 Jul 2007    Mara   RD   2:41:21     Brisbane AUS          Lindsey Scherf (USA)                    refusal to submit sample for testing
13 May 2007    Hf Mar RD   1:04:43     Albacete ESP          Pablo Lopez (ESP)                       nandrolone
06 May 2007    Mara   RD   2:16:09     Vitoria ESP           Pablo Lopez (ESP)                       nandrolone
28 Jan 2006    Mara   RD   2:12:02     Marrakech MAR         Youssef Galmin (MAR)                    refusal to submit sample for testing
05 Nov 2006    Mara   RD   2:14:54     New York NY/USA       Youssef Galmin (MAR)                    refusal to submit sample for testing
12 Mar 2006    Mara   RD   2:10:40     Seoul KOR             Gert Thys (RSA)                         norandrosterone
                                                             reinstated on appeal                    improper testing protocol
04 Sep 2005    10 km  RD     32:21     Cape Town RSA         Azwindini Gladys Lukhwareni (RSA)       19-norandrosterone
28 Aug 2005    10 km  RD     33:35     Arras FRA             ionela Vasile (ROM)
24 Apr 2005    Mara   RD   2:12:47     Hamburg GER           Artur Osman (POL)
30 Apr 2004    10000m OT     27:33.53  Palo Alto CA/USA      Cathal Lombard (IRL)                    EPO
07 Feb 2004    Mara   RD   2:15:36     Birmingham AL/USA     Eddy Hellebuyck (USA)                   EPO
31 Aug 2003    Hf Mar RD   1:12:19     Rio de Janeiro BRA    Marizete Rezende (BRA)
25 May 2003    10 km  RD     29:02     Santos BRA            Daniel Ferreira (BRA)                       
15 Mar 2003    3000m  IT      8:52.21  Birmingham ENG        Maria Tsirba (GRE)
03 Nov 2002    Mara   RD   2:26:44     New York NY/USA       Olivera Jevtic (SER)
20 Oct 2002    Mara   RD   2:29:30.0   Amsterdam NED         Alina Gherasim (ROM)
12 Oct 2002    5000m  OT     15:18.77  Pusan KOR             Sunita Rani (IND)
20 Oct 2002    Mara   RD   2:20:23     Beijing CHN           Ya-nan Wei (CHN)
15 Sep 2002    Mara   RD   2:35:24     Wachau AUT            Larisa Malikova (RUS)
05 May 2002    Mara   RD   2:43:22     Hannover GER          Mariya Latysheva (RUS)
05 May 2002    Mara   RD   2:31:45     Pittsburgh PA/USA     Wioletta Kryza (POL)
09 Feb 2002    10 km  RD     34:49     Houston TX/USA        Desiree Owen (USA)
09 Jun 2001    10000m OT     27:29.53  Tokyo JPN             Alene Emere (ETH)
08 Apr 2001    Mara   RD   2:35:01     Paris FRA             Silvana Trampuz (AUS)                  nandrolone
17 Oct 1999    Mara   RD   2:35:54     Istanbul TUR          Florina Pana (ROM)                     
03 Oct 1999    Hf Mar RD   1:09:26     Palermo ITA           Florina Pana (ROM)
24 Jun 1999    10000m OT     27:45.74  Bologna ITA           Giuliani Battocletti (ITA)
18 Apr 1999    Mara   RD   2:07:37     Rotterdam NED         Julio Rey (ESP)
10 May 1998    Mara   RD   2:15:35     Turin ITA             Migidio Bourifa (ITA)
20 Sep 1997    24 Hr  RD   250.772 km  Courcon FRA           Seiji Arita (JPN)
13 Sep 1997    100km  RD   7:06:55     Winschoten NED        Maria Bak (GER)                        steroids
08 Dec 1996    Mara   RD   2:16:06     Calvia ESP            Mohammed Fahd (MAR)
01 Dec 1996    Mara   RD   2:16:10     Florence ITA          Roberto Barbi (ITA)                    ephedrine
10 Nov 1996    Mara   RD   2:14:05     Puteaux FRA           Mohammed Fahd (MAR)
13 Oct 1996    Mara   RD   2:14:09     Lausanne SUI          Mohammed Fahd (MAR)
21 Jan 1996    Hf Mar RD   1:06:50     Tokyo JPN             Yasuko Kimura (JPN)
16 Jul 1995    Hf Mar RD   1:10:10     Sapporo JPN           Izumi Maki (JPN)                       
04 Jun 1995    Mara   RD   2:33:47     Prague CZE            Alena Peterkova (CZE)
12 Feb 1995    Mara   RD   2:10:44     Tokyo JPN             Antoni Niemczak (POL)
17 Apr 1994    Mara   RD   2:10:28     Rotterdam NED         Gang-jun Hu (CHN)
06 Mar 1994    Mara   RD   2:40:12     Los Angeles CA/USA    Sylvia Mosqueda (USA)
01 May 1993    24hr   RD   264.718 km  Basel SUI             Nikolay Safin (RUS)                    steroids
01 Nov 1992    Mara   RD   2:33:26     New York NY/USA       Gordon Bakoulis (USA)
04 Mar 1990    Mara   RD   2:33:36     Los Angeles CA/USA    Sirje Eichelmann (EST)
09 Aug 1987    3000m  OT      9:11.30  Birmingham ENG        Dorina Briand (ROM)
02 Nov 1986    Mara   RD   2:11:21     New York NY/USA       Antoni Niemczak (POL)
06 Aug 1984    10000m OT     27:51.10  Los Angeles CA/USA    Martti Vainio (FIN)
28 Jun 1984    5000m  OT     13:16.02  Oslo NOR              Martti Vainio (FIN)

Drug Disqualifications- Biological Passport

Alemitu Bekele Degfa (17 Sep 1977,TUR): all performances from 17 Aug 2009 thru Feb 2016
Jose-Manuel Rocha (06 Jul 1976,POR): all performances from 11 Dec 2010 to date
Olesya Syreva (25 Nov 1983,RUS): all performances from 03 Mar 2011 to date
Liliya Shobukhova (13 Nov 1977,RUS): all performances from 09 Oct 2009 thru May 2016
Anna Alminova (17 Jan 1985,RUS) all performances from 16 Feb 2009 thru 15 May 2014

Stimulant Disqualifications

06 Oct 2001    100km  RD   6:35:19     Santa Cruz/Bezana ESP Gregoriy Muzin (RUS)
21 Jan 1996    Mara   RD   2:31:03     Houston TX/USA        Tatyana Pozdniakova (UKR)              cold medicine
17 Feb 1991    100km  RD   6:37:58     Palamos ESP           Eric Seedhouse (GBR)                   decongestant

Pacing Violations

12 Mar 2006    25 km  RD   1:11:37     Alpen a/d Rijn NED    Haile Gebreselasie (ETH)               joined by pacers at 5 km
12 Mar 2006    20 km  RD     58:17     Alpen a/d Rijn NED    Salim Kipsang (KEN)                    paced Gebreselasie in 25 km
07 Jun 1987    Mara   RD   2:37:52     Sydney AUS            Tani Ruckle (AUS)                      pacing violation

Note: The pacing violations on 12 Mar 2006 were declared by the ARRS.

Illegal Drafting

04 Apr 2004    Mara   RD   2:06:14     Rotterdam NED         Felix Limo (KEN)                       drafting by motor bike
11 Dec 2002    10km   RD     27:02     Doha QAT              Haile Gebreselasie (ETH)               drafting by lead truck

Note: These drafting violations were declared by the ARRS.

Course Cutting

25 Nov 2001    Mara   RD      n/t      Florence ITA          Ruggero Pertile (ITA)                  course cutting
20 May 2001    Mara   RD   2:34:00     Vienna AUT            Rimma Dubovik (UKR)                    course cutting
03 Jun 2000    Mara   RD      n/t      Stockholm SWE         Said Dogga (MAR)                       course cutting
16 Apr 2000    Mara   RD   2:17:12     Rotterdam NED         Said Dogga (MAR)                       course cutting
24 Oct 1999    Mara   RD      n/t      Chicago IL/USA        Said Dogga (MAR)                       course cutting
17 Oct 1999    20km   RD   1:00:11     Paris FRA             Said Dogga (MAR)                       course cutting
25 Apr 1999    Mara   RD   2:14:09     Hamburg GER           Dariusz Kruczkowski (POL)              dropped out at 25 km, crossed finish
02 Mar 1997    Mara   RD      n/t      Los Angeles CA/USA    Nadezhda Wijenberg (NED)               course cutting
06 Feb 1994    Mara   RD      n/t      Oita JPN              Gemechu Kebede (ETH)                   misdirected on course
06 Feb 1994    Mara   RD      n/t      Oita JPN              Maurilio Castillo (MEX)                misdirected on course
06 Feb 1994    Mara   RD      n/t      Oita JPN              Jeff Jacobs (USA)                      misdirected on course
01 Mar 1992    Mara   RD   2:18:38     Los Angeles CA/USA    Polin Belisle (BIZ)                    course cutting
05 May 1991    Mara   RD   2:17:39     Long Beach CA/USA     Polin Belisle (BIZ)                    course cutting

Other Infractions

05 Dec 2010    Mara   RD   2:19:14     Kampala UGA           Donald Sambu (KEN)                     did not receive permission from KEN federation for competition
05 Oct 2003    5 mi   RD      n/t      Attleboro MA/USA      Mohammed Amyn (MAR)                    interference with winner near finish
22 Jun 2003    10 km  RD     29:11     San Luis Potosi MEX   Daniel Cheruiyot (KEN)                 switched races after starting
28 Apr 2002    50 km  RD   2:56:44     Kleinmond RSA         Keith Court (RSA)                      handed fluids at aid station
14 Apr 2002    Hf Mar RD   1:12:47     La Rochelle FRA       Hanan Farhoun (MAR)                    suspended for behavior (discipline)
24 Mar 2002    10 km  RD     33:45     Laval FRA             Hanan Farhoun (MAR)                    suspended for behavior (discipline)
02 Aug 1998    5000m  OT     13:49.86  Annecy FRA            Ahmed Ibrahim Baday (MAR)              disqualified for being over age (junior champs)
01 Oct 2000    Mara   RD      n/t      Albuquerque NM/USA    Rafael Colmenares (VEN)                received unfair assistance
20 May 1990    Mara   RD      n/t      Cleveland OH/USA      Irina Sklyarenko (RUS)                 received unfair assistance
14 Jul 1989    5000m  OT     13:17.84  London ENG            Eamonn Martin (ENG)                    received split times from his coach
23 Apr 1984    Mara   RD   2:14:30     Cork IRL              Jerry Kiernan (IRL)                    advertising letting larger than permitted under IAAF rules
23 Apr 1984    Mara   RD   2:48:26     Cork IRL              Deirdre Nagle (IRL)                    more than one advertising logo on singlet

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