The ARRS focuses on elite distance running at distances 3000m and longer. Many of the statistics on this website have been generated from the ARRS database which has more than 1.2 million performances from more than 220,000 races by more than 95,000 elite and sub-elite distance runners world-wide. This database and website would not be possible without the contributions of hundreds of people and many thousands of volunteer hours by dedicated ARRS members.  Contact kenyoung@wildblue.net

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Most rankings may be found at more.arrs.net  These include annual and all-time rankings for any country and year for most standard distances.  The on-line database is updated on a weekly basis.



The ARRS has functioned under its present name since 2003.  The Analytical Distance Runner newsletter has been issued on a weekly basis since 1985.  In the beginning, it only required a dozen or so hours a week with less than 10,000 performances added to the database each year.  Since then, the network of contributors has increased markedly and more than 80,000 performances a year are now being added to the database, requiring 50-60 hours a week.  The ARRS database was put on-line in 2015.  All of this information has been channeled thru one person (me).  The workload continues to increase and I continue to get older.

We are working on a solution by expanding the capabilities of the on-line database so that several people will be able to edit the database in a wiki-style structure.  This step is essential for the continuation of the ARRS (and the two ARRS websites) into the future.  At the same time, we would like to add a lot more functionality to the online database.

In order to raise the necessary funds to ensure the continuation of the ARRS and the two ARRS websites, we have made sponsorships available (see below for the list of sponsors).  Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.   In addition, we are asking users of the ARRS websites to contribute.  Any amount, no matter how small, will help us in this effort.  Contributions of US$50 or more entitles you to a one year subscription to the ARRS newsletter. Send subscriptions and/or donations to Ken Young, PO Box 219, Petrolia CA 95558.  Please be sure to include your e-mail for subscriptions Thanks.

Ken Young (kenyoung@wildblue.net)


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...Bolder Boulder 10K

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...Cherry Blossom 10 mile
...Harold & Louise Tinsley
...Andy Carr/Milton High
...Six Rivers Running Club
...Huntsville Track Club


Road performances are classified as "record quality", "statistically valid", or "statistically invalid" based on the start/finish separation and the net drop of the course.

Record Quality
.....Start/finish separation is less than 30% of the race distance and the net drop is less than 1.0 m/km

Statistically Valid (suffix "a")
.....The net drop is less than 5.0 m/km and the net effect of tailwind and/or drop does not exceed 5 sec/km

Statistically Invalid (suffix "x")
.....The net drop is 5.0 m/km or more
.....The course has been shown to have been short on remeasurement
.....The course is suspect based on an analysis of the race time bias that exceeds 5 sec/km faster than expected (-5.0 sec/km)

Only record quality performances are included in national and world road record lists. Record quality and statistically valid performances are included in rankings lists.

Multi-part names such as "
van der Weijde" may appear in computer generated lists and elsewhere with the spaces removed, i.e., "vanderWeijde." This has been done for the purposes of efficiency in entering performances into the database.
Copyright. The data contained on this web site is public domain and as such, cannot be copyrighted. However the format of the presentation of the data is copyrighted. Permission to reproduce the data/tables on this website is granted provided the Association of Road Racing Statisticians is cited as the source and the ARRS website URL is included.